I’ve Launched My New Website: http://kickasseditor.com

I was laid off in December, and the job hunt has NOT been going so well. I have landed a few tiny jobs on Liveperson, but they take a huge commission, so I’ve decided to strike out on my own. Hopefully, I will either get enough work through my new site, kickasseditor.com, that I will no longer need to find a job, or someone will find me there and offer me a full-time job.

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CSU, Chico Editing Program Threatened

Statewide budget cuts are once again threatening the Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing program at CSU, Chico. The program is amazing, and I hope the administration recognizes its value. I spent three semesters in the program as a graduate student, and learned more useful skills (i.e., those that get me hired) in those 18 months than I did in the five years I spent getting my B.A. So few schools offer editing programs, and the one at Chico is really one of the most comprehensive; I hope it survives. Because of my certification, I’ve been able to work as a textbook editor, fiction editor (my favorite), and technical writer.

I am, unfortunately, unemployed again (I’ve been laid off twice in the last 11 months–stupid economy), but I know that my certificate in editing gives me a competitive edge, and with it, I have a better chance of finding work than most people out there. 

If you love grammar, and are interested in becoming an editor, this is truly a great way to learn the ropes:  http://www.csuchico.edu/engl/editingcertificate/index.html.