Your v. You’re

An apostrophe does not always indicate a possessive; sometimes it indicates a contraction. And sometimes a possessive word (in particular, possessive pronouns and possessive determiners) does not have an apostrophe at all. This is true in the case of Your v. You’re

Your is a possessive (determiner) pronoun. A possessive pronoun is used to modify a noun by showing ownership of the item named with the noun.

You’re is a contraction. A contraction is a combination or shortening of words. You’re is the contraction of the words you and are


  • Is that your new car? (Does that car belong to you?)
  • What do you think you’re doing? (What do you think you are doing?)

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  1. Dear G.Q.,

    May I humbly suggest that you use more riveting sentence examples when you demonstrate proper usage? I believe this will add an additional element of style/humor to your blog.

    For example, in the instance of this post, you could show the appropriate uses of your and you’re, respectively, as follows:
    * Where your ho at? (What is the present location of the ho whom you own?)
    * You’re a douche bag. (You are a bag used for holding the fluid required for douching.)

    The Editorial Staff at The Yuppie Lifestyle

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